The Sentence
A few days ago my wife was shopping in Bloomingfoods when she overheard one of the associates/employees say to another that

“..the ‘chicken wine’ is selling so fast we can’t keep it on the shelves.”

Now by any normal account this was not a brilliant marketing message. As a matter of fact, any marketing professional would laugh off the suggestion of putting it into any sort of advertisement. The comment was made quickly in passing, and except for the fact that my wife happened to be nearby, it would never have traveled beyond the moment. As it happens, though, my wife is always on the lookout for a good wine recommendation, so she asked the associate about his comment. After finding out that the wine is very popular, affordable, and, according to the associate, very good, she bought it and we like it. Since then we have told other people about the wine, and have even had conversations about it (by the way, it’s officially called “La Vielle Ferme”), where we have discovered that it is also the house wine at FARM – a great local restaurant.

The Value
So what started as a passing comment between two employees has turned into at least one product sale (probably more), significant positive word of mouth marketing for Bloomingfoods, as well as for FARM, a restaurant which was not in any way involved in the transaction. Advertising cost: $0

Without knowing it, most owners, managers and employees of organizations keep their most cost-effective, interesting marketing bottled up in their heads or stymied in the back rooms of their business. The trick is getting those thoughts out to as many of their customers and employees as possible. While blogs and newsletters can be time-consuming to write and to read, a new movement in internet technology (led by,, and i have to mention, of course BigTreetop etc.) is focusing on sharing very short ideas or thoughts with lots of people. The perfect way to get the maximum business value out of that 3-Second Sentence.

Great Examples!