Right now the “conversations” within BigTreetop are a little stilted – we think due to the design. Many of our users have expressed concern, so it’s time to think it through a bit and improve it. For example: Steve writes an experience on George’s Personal Treetop congratulating him on the Celtics’ win last night. George wants to respond, but it’s sort of unclear whether he should respond to this on his own Treetop or on Steve’s Personal Treetop. If he responds in his own Treetop, other people will be able to see the conversation and understand it. If he responds on Steve’s Treetop, Steve will be able to see his response, but no one else will be able to follow the thread of the conversation.

The Twitter Model

The Twitter model could work, where i always post things on my own Treetop, but tag content as referring to someone else if it’s a response. For example, George could have posted “Thanks, @steve.”, and the “@steve” would be a link to steve’s Personal Treetop. BigTreetop, though, is fundamentally different from Twitter, though, in that people can post things in specific contexts in Organizational or Personal Treetops.

Is there another model that could work? If you are a BigTreetop user and have ideas, be sure to submit them at http://bigtreetop.com/bigtreetop/thinkup/10103