We’ve today released another iteration of BigTreetop.com as we work with some great small and midsized businesses to develop new ways for them to engage their communities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Private Stumps and Think-ups! We had a huge number of requests for the ability to have private ideation sessions with friends or within the walls of a company. On Personal Treetops, only friends will be able to see and participate in private stumps and think-ups. On Organizational Treetops, only team members or admins will be able to read and create private stump or think-up content.
  • Sharing Ideas Now More Prominent. We noticed that, though lots of people have ideas, they were difficult to share on the previous site. Now it’s easy to share an idea on the front page on any treetop.
  • Better Karma Scoring. We thought we’d be more magnanimous and start everyone out with a perfect karma score, then let them work down from there. Karma only goes down when your content is voted to be snipped. Get snipped a lot, get a bad score. No worries, though. It only keeps track of your last 90 days.
  • Promotions. Organizational Treetop profiles now include the ability to highlight a current promotion. Having a sale? Add it in the “manage” section.
  • Email to Friends. Organizational Treetop administrators can now send an admin email to all of their friends from the “manage/people” section.

These are just a few of the highlights. We’ll be continuing to improve the system over the course of the coming weeks, too, based on the feedback from our users. Have an idea for a feature? Share it with us at http://bigtreetop.com/bigtreetop/stump/9918