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  • 01:09:36 pm on June 18, 2008 | 1
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    Right now the “conversations” within BigTreetop are a little stilted – we think due to the design. Many of our users have expressed concern, so it’s time to think it through a bit and improve it. For example: Steve writes an experience on George’s Personal Treetop congratulating him on the Celtics’ win last night. George wants to respond, but it’s sort of unclear whether he should respond to this on his own Treetop or on Steve’s Personal Treetop. If he responds in his own Treetop, other people will be able to see the conversation and understand it. If he responds on Steve’s Treetop, Steve will be able to see his response, but no one else will be able to follow the thread of the conversation.

    The Twitter Model

    The Twitter model could work, where i always post things on my own Treetop, but tag content as referring to someone else if it’s a response. For example, George could have posted “Thanks, @steve.”, and the “@steve” would be a link to steve’s Personal Treetop. BigTreetop, though, is fundamentally different from Twitter, though, in that people can post things in specific contexts in Organizational or Personal Treetops.

    Is there another model that could work? If you are a BigTreetop user and have ideas, be sure to submit them at



  • Pete 3:25 pm on June 18, 2008 | # | Reply

    Here are my thoughts:

    An experience should be shared in two ways: in an explicit manner (i.e. with Friends / Businesses) and implicitly (i.e. through discovery). Let me walk through how it could work.

    From my personal tree top, I decided to share an experience. I describe that experience just the way it works today. I should tag that experience with some keywords then select the set of friends that I would like to share it with. That experience is displayed on my personal tree top. My friends can also respond, but those responses and comments should be threaded under my personal tree top. The “comments” could also be displayed in some way on the friends tree top in some manner (Joe has responded to Pete’s experience). That way you show the fact that there is some conversation and interaction going on across friends and businesses that may attract someone to original shared experience that is on my tree top.

    The implicit experience sharing is a mechanism to share with anyone that participates on big tree top that may be interested in what I have shared. This could be through some implied connection (could be through common friends, the tags used that are similar to something I have used in my own posted experience, a connection to an experience at the same business). These implied experiences could be displayed when I enter my own tree top and direct me into that experience discussion.

    There are some holes in this. One that I see is how that experience relates to a business. In the use case described when I shared my experience, I didn’t specify that the experience was related to a participating business. Maybe that is an enhancement when you share the experience. The experience is either a “personal experience” that is either related or unrelated to a business. If it is related to a business, maybe that experience discussion thread then is managed both on my personal tree top and that businesses tree top.

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